Sunday, February 13, 2011

Slc. Kagaribi Dawn 'Red Star' - Back from the Dead!

A few posts back, I mentioned a bit of a disaster I had with this plant. What I didn't see was that there was another cluster of 4 buds emerging in amongst the foliage on another part of the plant. On Friday, I happened to notice the bright red of an opening flower whilst misting - much joy! Unfortunately, they're on a rather poorly placed stem, and I'm under strict instructions not to touch, so there will be no attempt to mess around with them to bring them into a better viewing position! The first two flowers to come out some time ago died during the week, so now we're down to these new flowers. Of course, if I hadn't snapped off the other 4 buds, we'd currently have 8 glorious blooms! 
New flowers, yay!