Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mystery Orchid

Phalaenopsis NOID - gift.
A mystery orchid of a slightly different kind landed on my chair on Friday (or possibly earlier). Came back to the office to drop some things off after a 2 day out-of-town brainstorming meeting to find a double stemmed Phalaenopsis hybrid sitting in my bin on my chair (after 5, so everyone was already home).

We spent the weekend wondering where it had come from, not sure if it was a gift, or a mystery guest or a "not too sure if this is happy, please look at it" kind of vibe.

On Monday, I found out one of my colleagues had bought it for me as a "Thank you" for building and installing a PC for them a few months ago - mystery solved. Many thanks Helen! I'll take some close up pictures soon; it's currently tied down to the rack at OOAB HQ, as it's so top-heavy that it's always threatening to come crashing down.