Monday, February 14, 2011

Macro fun for V-Day

Our Ceropegia woodii (string-of-hearts vine) is currently flowering. This somewhat succulent creeper has very unusual looking flowers. It's a rather amusing coincidence that the string of hearts is blooming for V-Day...!
Hairy Ceropegia woodii flower
Click for larger image
Creepy Hairs!
The flowers are unusual tubular structures, topped with hairy spires. It's experienced a surge in growth lately, mainly due, I think, to being loved a lot more (i.e. getting more regular waterings). Just to add to the V-Day theme, this plant is being trained around a wire heart...

Not forgetting this is Orchids on a Balcony, here's a close up of a flower from our Zygopetalum James Strauss:
Zygopetalum James Strauss 1:1 macro