A list of the orchids we have in our collection, and where we got them:
  1. Aerangis biloba [bought from Plantae, October 2011]
  2. Aerangis modesta [bought from Plantae]
  3. Aerangis modesta [bought from Van Rooyen Orchids
  4. Aerangis luteoalba va. rhodosticta [bought from Plantae, October 2011]
  5. Angraecum distichum [Van Rooyen, October 2011]
  6. Angraecum leonis [bought from Plantae, October 2011]
  7. Angraecum sesquipedale AG0501 (Angraecum sesquipedale [AG971] Best Shape x s/d)) [bought from Exotic Plant Company on the Moreson Wine Estate in Franschhoek]
  8. Ansellia africana [bought from Van Rooyen, October 2011]
  9. Ascocentrum Mona Church (miniatum X ampullaceum) [R.F. Orchids, Florida, bought from Exotic Plant Company]
  10. Beallara Peggy Ruth Carpenter 'Everglades' (Bllra. Tahoma Glacier x Milt. Purple Queen) [bought from Exotic Plant Company]
  11. Brassocattleya Morning Glory (gift/swap Margaret)
  12. Brassolaeliocattleya/Rhyncholaeliocattleya ( Blc. A17 Blc. Chian-Tzy Salmon x Blc. Shinfong Luoyang 'Gold') [Flask compot flat, Stephward Estate]
  13. Bulbophyllum echinolabium [Outeniqua Orchids, 21 Sept 2011] 
  14. Bulbophyllum laxiflorum [Gift SAP, from Inhle Orchids, March 2011]
  15. Bulbophyllum lobbii [Van Rooyen, October 2011]
  16. Bulbophyllum purpurascens [Gift SAP, from Inhle Orchids, March 2011]
  17. Cattleya aquinii 'Francisco Miranda' x Cattleya lodigesii 'Aranda B' AM/AOS. [EPOS end-of-year function gift, November 2011] 
  18. Coelogyne cristata [bought from Van Rooyen Orchids]
  19. Cymbidium 2328 (Annie Kelly 'New Horizon' x Enzan Shining 'Geyserland') [Caro-Lin Orchids, from Pick n Pay, Grahamstown]
  20. Cymbidium KK1003 (Billion Dollar Baby #1 x Everglades ' Geyserland' 4n) [Caro-Lin Orchids, from Floradale Nursery in PE]
  21. Dendrobium anosmum (syn. superbum) [Van Rooyen, October 2011]
  22. Dendrobium harveyanum [bought from Plantae]
  23. Dendrobium hercoglossum [bought from Plantae]
  24. Dendrobium kingianum [Casablanca florist, Grahamstown]
  25. Dendrobium loddigesii [bought from Plantae]
  26. Dendrobium moschatum [bought from Plantae]
  27. Dendrobium nobile [bought from Plantae]
  28. Dendrobium unicum [bought from Plantae 3/2011] 
  29. Dendrochilum bicallosum [ordered kingii, but this arrived instead. Van Rooyen, October 2011]
  30. Dendrochilum glumaceum [Van Rooyen, October 2011]
  31. Dendrochilum gramineum [Van Rooyen, October 2011]
  32. Dendrochilum wenzelii [Van Rooyen, October 2011]
  33. Epc. Kyoguchi 'M Sauno' sub var SVO x L Seagulls Tangerine 'SVO' HCC [Gift, Sean, Nov 2011]
  34. Epidendrum porpax (Syn. Neolehmannia porpax) [bought from Van Rooyen Orchids
  35. Jumellea comorensis [Plantae, October 2011]
  36. Laelia anceps [Stephward Estate]
  37. Laelia sincorana f. coerulea [bought from Plantae, 3/2011]
  38. Laeliocattleya Tropical Treat C0341 (LC. Tropical Treat [971] December x Laelia millerii) [a La Motte orchid from Woolworths]
  39. Lycaste aromatica [bought at an EPOS meeting, Jan 2011] 
  40. Masdevallia Marguerite 'Pink Champagne' [bought from Van Rooyen Orchids]
  41. Masdevallia Snowbird [bought from Outeniqua Orchids]
  42. Masdevallia NOID  [Gift, Sean, Nov 2011]
  43. Maxillaria tenuifolia [bought from Plantae, 3/2011]
  44. Mediocalar decoratum [bought from Plantae, 3/2011]
  45. Mystacidium capense [Gift, CV 2014]
  46. Mystacidium capense [Gift, MH 2014]
  47. Neofinetia falcata [bought from Outeniqua Orchids]
  48. Oncidium Sharry Baby 'Sweet Fragrance' AM/AOS [Outeniqua Orchids, 21 Sept 2011]
  49. Oncidium sphacelatum [Given to me by Abraham Marais]
  50. Paphiopedilum Bagley x insigne [PPOrchidee├źn.nl, bought from Exotic Plant Company on the Moreson Wine Estate in Franshhoek]
  51. Paphiopedilum Onyx (Maudiae x Goultenianum) [?, bought from Exotic Plant Company]
  52. Paphiopedilum Pinocchio [bought from Outeniqua Orchids]
  53. Phalaenopsis NOID [Casablanca florist, Grahamstown]
  54. Phalaenopsis NOID [a La Motte orchid from Woolworths]
  55. Phalaenopsis NOID [Casablanca florist, Grahamstown; gift from H. Mackenzie for building a computer]
  56. Phragmipedium caudatum [Bought at an EPOS meeting, Jan 2011] 
  57. Pleurothallis palliolata [Gift SAP, from Inhle Orchids]
  58. Rangaeris amaniensis [bought from Plantae, October 2011]
  59. Restrepia trichoglossa [Gift SAP, from Inhle Orchids]
  60. Rhynchostylis coelestis [R.F. Orchids, Florida, bought from Exotic Plant Company]
  61. Sophrolaeliocattleya Kararizi Dawn 'Red Star' [bought from Exotic Plant Company]
  62. Stanhopea frymirei [bought from Plantae, October 2011]
  63. Stanhopea oculata [bought from Plantae, October 2011]
  64. Stanhopea whittenii [bought from Plantae, October 2011]
  65. Stelis argentata 'Joinville' [Van Rooyen, October 2011]
  66. Stelis vulcanica [Van Rooyen, October 2011]
  67. Tolumnia pirinochila [bought from Plantae]
  68. Tolumnia pulchella [bought from Plantae]
  69. Tolumnia urophylla [bought from Plantae
  70. Vanda Manuvadee 'Blue' [bought from Van Rooyen Orchids
  71. Zelglossoda Calico Gem 'Green Valley #1'
  72. Zygopetalum James Strauss [Lansbergen Orchidee├źn, bought from Exotic Plant Company
Unfortunately, you sometimes lose plants. Here's the "Bench of Remembrance", and what did them in... 
  1. Phalaenopsis hybrid [bought in Switzerland in about Dec 1995/Jan 1996, lived above my fishtank in London for 9 months or so, then moved with me to university in Wales. When I went off on Xmas holidays to visit family in .za, friend forgot to take it home with him as I asked; the cleaner evidently discovered it left behind and put it in the cleaning cupboard. We discovered it in there, dead, about 6 months after that - a sad end to my first orchid!] - neglect/lost! (? 1997?)
  2. Disa uniflora hybrid [bought at Woolworths] - "Disa Rot" (? 2010)
  3. Disa uniflora hybrid [bought at La Motte] - "Disa Rot"  (25 Jan 2011)
  4. Disa uniflora hybrid [bought at La Motte] - "Disa Rot" we got some seeds from it though, will see if we can get them to grow! (Jan/Feb 2011) 
  5. Tetramicra canaliculata [from Plantae] - was thrown in as a freebie as they considered it a bit too small to sell! - Scale :( (Winter 2011)
  6. 3x Disa bivalvata [bought at Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens in a tissue culture flask from Cape Institute of Micropropagation]; currently in a community pot. - Rot, Winter 2011. :(
  7. Disa uniflora hybrid [bought at La Motte just after a interesting tour of their Disa growing houses by their horticulturalist, Neels van der Linde] - Rot... Winter 2011.
  8. Disa uniflora hybrid [bought at La Motte] - Rot... Winter 2011.
  9. Tolumnia pirinochila [bought from Plantae] - Scale Winter 2011.
  10. Ansellia africana A0514 (Ansellia africana 'Darling Leopard' x Ansellia africana 'Darling Lips') [a La Motte orchid from Woolworths] - Rot (kept too damp in winter :( )
  11. Schoenorchis fragrans [bought from Plantae] - Dec 2011/Jan 2010 - shrivelled up and died whilst I was on holiday :(
  12. Cymbidium 2478 (Mighty Sensation x Golden Tiger 'Easter Emerald' 4n) [Caro-Lin Orchids, raffle prize from EPOS, 2/2011] ? can't remember when, probably over a year ago; 2012. Horrifically infested with scale; disposed as a safeguard to the other plants. Was also badly chlorotic.
  13. Dendrobium tannii [bought from Plantae] - was a replacement for a Masdevallia Fancy Pants which wasn't available at the time. [2011] Disliked my care; all the roots rotted off and it went downhill from there; didn't help that I was unfamiliar with coco husk at the time and treated it like bark... Great plant though, if I saw another one, I'd get it!
  14. Disa tripetaloides [bought at Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens in a tissue culture flask from Cape Institute of Micropropagation] 2011. Didn't survive deflasking for long before rot took it out. 
  15. Microcoelia exilis [bought from Van Rooyen Orchids] ~2012; long battle with scale. The plant lost. 
  16. Potinara/Rhyncholaeliocattleya(?) (A18 Blc. Three Sun 'Sun #16' x Pot. Shin Shiang Diamond) [Flask compot flat, Stephward Estate] - slow decline, I suspect fungus. 
  17. Microterangis harriotiana [Van Rooyen, October 2011] ~2012; not sure, just didn't like me and slowly faded away. Suspect it needed higher humidity.
  18. Rhynchostylis coelestis (pink) [Van Rooyen, October 2011] ~2012 - this plant arrived with hardly any roots and went downhill quite fast. 
  19. Tolumnia Jairak Rainbow [from Plantae] - was thrown in as a bonus freebie - thanks! :) 2012 - scale finally killed it.
  20. Sobennikoffia humbertiana [bought from Plantae, October 2011] ~ Jan 2013 - this plant I suspect was over-watered; they apparently come from quite arid parts of Madagascar. I treated it like other Angraecoids that seem to enjoy quite a lot of water. This one didn't (fungus, death).
  21. Dracula bella [Outeniqua Orchids, 21 Sept 2011] ~March 2013 - didn't like summer heat at all this year (lower humidity due to lack of humidifiers).
  22. Masdevallia Beth Cox [Outeniqua Orchids, 21 Sept 2011] ~ March 2013 - same cause as above.
  23. Prosthechea prismatocarpa [Gift, Sean, Nov 2011] - March 2013 - scale and cultural deficiencies (It didn't like me) - I recently read they don't like heat very much. Oops.
  24. Aerangis citrata [bought from Plantae, October 2011] ~2014 Didn't like something I did to it. 
  25. Aerangis fastuosa [bought from Plantae] ~2014 Didn't like something I did to it. 
  26. Bulbophyllum inunctum [bought from Plantae, October 2011] ~2015 Hated my culture of it. Just declined/rotted away.
  27. Masdevallia Tangerine Dragon [bought from Outeniqua Orchids] ~2014 didn't like my culture conditions. (too hot).
  28. Masdevallia tovarensis 'Puffin' [bought from Outeniqua Orchids] ~2014 didn't like my culture conditions (too hot). 
  29. Oerstedella centradenia [bought from Plantae] ~2015; never thrived; faded away
  30. Stenoglottis Ganymede S0703 (Sten. Saturn 'Electric' x Sten. woodii 'Gous') [bought from Exotic Plant Company] 2015 - Death by Cat (was dislodged from the bench by a feline; never recovered).
As this site is located in South Africa, you might be interested in learning about Southern Africa's orchid fauna over at PlantZAfrica. Cape Orchids is also quite interesting.