Friday, June 28, 2013

Orchids on a Balcony featured on Orchids Made Easy

The team that runs the website Orchids Made Easy featured my blog on a guest post at their website today, complete with an interview (and, shock horror, a picture of me from our wedding taken by Adrian Frost) of yours truly. Have a look at here to see the full article. Orchids Made Easy offers a newsletter with regular tips, as well as selling an orchid care (in print and/or electronic format) book.

Orchids on a Balcony featured at Orchids Made Easy
Any new visitors from Orchids Made Easy, welcome to Orchids on a Balcony, I hope you'll find some interesting reading here, and don't hesitate to ask questions in the comments below the posts!
Several other fairly prominent orchid blogs have been recently featured there, including:

Brooklyn Orchids
Florida Native Orchids
Backbulb Blog
Maria’s Orchids
and now us!

Click on the links above to read more about them at Orchids Made Easy. You'll also find more interesting Orchid-related reading in the sidebar at the right - the top has a list of (mostly) orchid-related blogs I think are well worth following; it lists them based on the most recent post made by that blog.