Sunday, January 29, 2012

EPOS Annual Show 2011 - Part Two

And now for the (rather belated) Part Two of the photos I took at the 2011 Eastern Province Orchid Society...! Again, apologies for the lack of accurate names. You can find Part One, which covered the Cymbidiums, here if you missed it.

First off, some wider angle shots: 

A view of part of the show with some Dendrobium speciosum in the foreground.
Some Paphs in the front, with Oncidium hybrids further down the bench,
and cymbidiums on the back wall
Another view of the main part of the show.
Way too much foreground nothing = terrible photo!
Another section of the show.
The table in the left foreground has "novice" plants on it.
The man in the middle there is Christo Botes, who scored the most points.
The winners table.
Unfortunately, these ladies showed no inclination to move along in the time I assigned to taking this shot,
so the end of the table is lost...! Below I'll zoom in a bit on the plants from the left to the right in the above shot.
Some winners
L-R: Best Fragrant Orchid; Cattleya Aloha Case (Christo Botes)
Best Exotic Species: Masdevallia tovarensis (Donalie Hoekstra)
Best Cattleya Alliance (species): Cattleya lodigesii (Leon Davies)
Center left: Best Vandaceous: Vanda Pure's Wax 'Purplish Blue' (Martin Kift)
Right: Best Dendrobium kingianum: Den. kingianum (Merrellen No.1 x Pentagon) (Leon Davies)

Best Miniature Cymbidium: Cym. Mad Doctor x Cym. primulum 'Album' (Leon Davies)
Best Oncidium Alliance: Oda. Queen of Hearts x Rona Fisher (Christo Botes)
Best Miniature Cattleya: Slc. Circle of Life (Christo Botes)
Best Paphiopedilum species (rear): Paphiopedilum insigne 'Harfield Hall' (Maria de Gois)
Best Paphiopedilum: Paphiopedilum jackii x Paph. armeniacum (Brenda Ferreira)
[I believe that grex is registered as Paph. Wossner Armenijack]
Best Orchid on Show & Best Standard Cymbidium: Cym. Solana Beach x Cym. Bexley Radiance 'Deo Volente' (Christo Botes)

Now for an eye test ;)
Reserve Champion & Best Intermediate Cymbidium: Cym. Pearl Dawson 'Royale' (Christo Botes)
Best Any Other Orchid: Masdevallia Peach Fuzz (Abraham Marais)
Best Pendulous Cymbidium: Cym. Devon Gala x Cym. Devon Odyssey 4N (Christo Botes)
Best Dendrobium Species: Dendrobium speciosum (Donalie Hoekstra)
Best Cattleya Alliance Hybrid: Epicattleya Crown Valley 'Banner Day' x Pacific Girl 'Primavera' AM/AOS (Martin Kift)
Best Novice: Cattleya loddigesii (Charles Rowe)
Best Phalaenopsis: Doritaenopsis Yu-Pin 'Dream Girl' (Donalie Hoekstra)
Best Miniature Orchid: Slc. Rosella Tangerine (Christo Botes)
Best Specimen: Cym. Brook Street 'Featherhill' x Cym. Ruby Eyes 'Red Baron' (Christo Botes)

The full list of winners is available in the September 2011 EPOS Newsletter, available from here.

Right, now your eyeballs deserve a bit of a rest!

Some of the Cattleyas on show:

Some other orchids:
Some Dendrochilum orchids.
After seeing some of these, Senior Management said they are desirable.
So my next orchid order included several. :)
Epicattleya Crown Valley 'Banner Day' x Pacific Girl 'Primavera' AM/AOS
Doritaenopsis Yu-Pin 'Dream Girl'
A Miltoniopsis hybrid.
These are commonly called "pansy orchids".

Other photos of the winners are available at the EPOS website, here.