Sunday, January 29, 2012

EPOS Annual Show 2011 - Part Three

Many (all!) orchids repay up close and personal attention. Senior Management kindly helped me take some macro photos at the EPOS show in August last year. (Holding a flash is a tedious job, but worth the results)!

Again, I foolishly didn't make a note of what everything is. If there are no question marks, I'm sure I have the name right.
Dendrochilum (wenzelii?)
Another great Masdevallia
Phalaenopsis - this one has an awesome crystalline texture if you look closely
Another Phalaenopsis
Prosthechea cochleata
Some kind of Cattleya alliance plant - quite unusal colours
A fairly small Cattleya hybrid
Quite like the colours!
This plant was a lovely little specimen mounted on some driftwood.
Shame about the snail damage...!
Slc. Rosella Tangerine
Vanda Pure's Wax 'Purplish Blue'
They're not kidding about these being waxy looking!
Dendrobium speciosum
Dendrobium speciosum
Epicattleya Crown Valley 'Banner Day' x Pacific Girl 'Primavera' AM/AOS
Delicate mainly white Cymbidium
A hairy, warty Paph.
Vinicolor Paph. of some kind.
Shame about the twisted petals!
Not sure what Dendrobium it is, but Senior Management and I both liked it.
Liked it enough that we wrote it down.
On a small piece of paper.
Which I've now lost. :/

Another view of that Dendrobium
I hope you've enjoyed this little window into the August 2011 EPOS Show!